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CFB Daily The Blitz 8/13/15

Good times today with my man Fitzy talking about Baylor, TCU, Texas & Louisville. We had some good discussions around the Big 12 being left out of the #CFBPlayoff & had a demo of Shawn Oakman the DE from Baylor who has some natural talent but returned to be a more consistent player & work on his raw talent. We are getting closer to #CFB and if you are like me it can't get here fast enough! #DoinWork

CFB Season Is Almost Here

I know that when media days & preview shows are here #CFB is right around the corner. I am looking forward to shows, blogging, video hits and national radio hits. #CFB has become big business and the passion has grown exponentially over the last decade. I will try to capture that passion and bring a behind the scenes view of what makes the game so great.

#DraftDecisions #Returning4SeniorSeason

If you are thinking about coming out early like Brett Hundley, Macus Mariotta and even Vic Beasley they had to think long and hard about a couple of guys. The last two drafts have given us a case study in 2 players who dropped significantly heading into the draft. Matt Barkley at USC could have come out early and had a chance to be a 1st round pick, however he was hurt during his senior season and did not have a great pro day. He went in the 4th round and lost a lot of money compared to what he would have received as a first round pick. The other guy that had a precipitous drop after coming back for his senior year was Teddy Bridgewater who put some nice work on tape during his career but had an off day at his Pro Day and was setup to fall similar to Matt Barkley.

That brings me back to both Hundley & Mariota who chose to go back for another year to work on winning a Pac 12 championship & maybe playing a in the inaugural College Football Playoff championship. Mariota struggled late in the year after getting nicked up mid season and failed to score a rushing TD in his last 6 games. Hundley played well last season but against Oregon & Stanford in his career he in as not been able to beat either team and it's a starter and the road to the Pac 12 title has gone through the North division teams. When both guys decided to come back I felt that both made a good decision, however I am sure their families & advisors took a hard look at what they needed to do in order to have a successful 2014 and also be poised to maximize their draft status.

History shows that QBs that are successful in the NFL (per research by Noel Mazzone) is that those who have the smoothest transition from college to the pros:

*Numbers of games started/played at the position
*Completion %age
*TD/INT ratio

This doesn't guarantee that either Mariota or Hundley will have a long & productive career like Elway, Manning, Brady, Brees, Rivers or McNabb to name a few but it gives both of them a chance to keep slowing the game down and learning the finer points of the QB position and making those around you better. Bottom line when you make the decision to come back for another season you have to be committed and trust that the season will go smoothly. I look forward to following their progress throughout the year and look forward to watching both of them have a successful 2014 College Football Season.